Wheelwash systems, trucks

Wheelwash Systems: Trucks

Wheelwash's environmentally friendly wheel cleaning systems with recycling and effective waste water treatment options have been designed to provide significant energy, water and operational cost savings for the customer.

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Wheelwash systems, pickups

Wheelwash Systems: Pickups

The Rhino Ecowash® Pickup is an automatically operating, high pressure spray wash system specifically designed for pickup trucks that operates automatically. Like all systems in the Rhino Ecowash® range, it provides unrivalled reliability and performance.

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Disinfecting Systems, Defender and Enforcer

Disinfecting Systems

Automatically activated drive-through vehicle disinfecting systems. The Rhino Agriwash range have been specifically designed to reduce the spread of disease by vehicular movements in locations where biosecurity is a concern.

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Boot Cleaning & Disinfecting Station


The application of a wheelwash boot-cleaning unit reduces your room cleaning costs, replaces time-consuming and often arduos manual cleaning of boots and prevents unwanted transfer of hazardous materials when working in contaminated areas. The unit is especially designed for application in the hard working environment of landfill, recycling, construction, quarrying and farming industries.

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