Wheelwash Launches New Enviromentally Friendly Wheel Wash Systems

Aptly named the Rhino Ecowash range, the products offer the well-known robustness of previous Rhino systems but now include design features to provide unrivalled performance whilst minimising power and water consumption. All of the spray wash systems in the range come with upgraded water recycling options that further enhance their efficiency.

Their green credentials are addressed through many design features throughout the wash and recycling sections. These include inverter driven pumps because they can deliver up to 50% operational cost savings due to the power being fully adjustable. The inverter also prolongs the life of the pumps by removing any power spikes at start up; the maximum amount of power drawn by the pumps is the same as the running current. This can have a huge impact on site infrastructure, as it can prevent the need to increase its power supply which can be extremely costly.

Other improvements include more powerful and efficient pumps that provide a higher pressure spray. The new configuration of the water delivery pipework and nozzles provide the most comprehensive, targeted clean available whilst minimising overspray and water loss. A new-style dedicated wash down system assists with removing dirt from the platform base and transferring in to a new three chamber side sump. This settles out the largest particles from the wash water, preventing them being pumped into the recycling tanks via the submersible recovery pump. The sump is located above ground and outside the confines of the wash platform, to make it and the pump easier to access for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The wash platforms are still supplied with removable grids which are unique to Wheelwash.