Why Wheelwash?

25 Years Experience

Wheelwash has been manufacturing and supplying a range of effective wheel cleaning equipment to prevent track-out from leaving facilities and polluting the roadways for many years. Its US Head Quarters is located in New Jersey whilst the original founders of Wheelwash are based in the UK and have been operating for more than 25 years.

Quality and Durability

Wheelwash products are manufactured in the USA by skilled and trained fabricators using high quality steel. The company only uses quality components and leading brand pumps and controls to prolong the life of each system it supplies. Wheelwash ensures that all its wheel wash systems undergo rigorous mechanical and electrical testing before delivering them to the customer with full documentation.


Wheelwash systems are designed to be modular so that we can use any combination of ramps, wash platforms, recycling tanks and pumps to ensure you have the correct solution to your wheel cleaning needs. Systems can be inset into a prepared foundation or surface mounted. The company also has vast experience of supplying bespoke equipment for customers of all sizes who require an individually designed solution. Flexibility also extends to our nozzle configuration and water pressure, both of which can be modified on site to suit weather conditions and the vehicle types using the systems. The inverter allows complete variability of wash pressure so that you can turn down the power during good weather periods. This can lead to huge reductions in power and water consumption.

Environmentally Friendly Systems

Products from the Wheelwash standard range are automatically operated, require low or no power and are supplied with water recycling tanks whenever water is required for their operation. Many design features such as inverter drives have also been incorporated to provide significant energy, water and operational cost savings. Wheelwash is also proud to supply the Ecoclear, the most effective and eco-friendly waste water treatment system available for use in wheel washing applications. It effectively removes large volumes of suspended solids from the wash water without chemical dosing. This is a simple-to-use, mobile piece of equipment that ensures high quality recycled water with minimal water loss.


Wheelwash supplies to the following industries in the US, Canada and Mexico: Construction, quarrying, mining, ports, waste management, power generation, utilities, rail, biomass, demolition, and livestock and many others due to the highly adaptable product range.


Regardless of your location in the US, Canada or Mexico, Wheelwash takes a customer-focused approach to business by providing professional sales consultations, on-site training and maintenance contracts to ensure that the customer gets the most out of the wheel cleaning unit whilst maximising its life-cycle.