Bootwash units installed in Romania

Bootwash units installed in Romania

Wheel cleaning manufacturer Wheelwash have exported three Bootwash systems to a university specialising in agriculture and veterinary medicine in Romania.

The UASVM Cluj-Napoca in Romania bought the three stations and located them around the livestock hospitalisation areas and student facilities catering to about 600 students.

The Bootwash units consist of three fixed brushes and one removable hand brush, with a water hose connection and designed to thoroughly clean boots and footwear in hard working environments.

The Bootwashes were placed at each end of the hospitals for cattle and horses and to ensure that the pathways are kept clean. The third unit, an Agriwash Bootwash model with disinfectant dosing unit, was placed near the changing area for the students to clean their boots when they entered and exited the changing area.After working with the animals in the equine unit this ensures any disease or harmful bacteria does not enter the livestock facilities from students boots.

Alexandru Gudea from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Romania is pleased with the bootwash units stating “The units are in place and functioning well” says Alexandru “the units were needed after capacity increased in the new premises in 2015 and there is a much larger footfall through the cattle and equine hospitals leading to an increase in not only a unclean floor but potential harmful bacteria.”

The Bootwash units were easy to transport and easy to install and are designed to thoroughly clean footwear of workers in a number of industries from construction, quarrying and mining to livestock and agricultural facilities that require biosecurity measures.