Wienerberger, Brickworks - United Kingdom

Wheelwash has recently installed a new, automatic wheel cleaning system at Wienerberger’s Sandown factory in the West Midlands.   The busy site has over 60 daily vehicle movements and required an effective system to secure approval for the on-going operation of the site.  The new Wheelwash supplied equipment supplements a 20-year old concrete bath and site-manufactured spray wash which, on their own, were no longer effective.

The search for a new solution began in November 2014, when Technical Manager, Mark Gooderidge contacted Wheelwash to discuss his requirements.   A site visit ensued so that Wheelwash could observe site operations to establish the number and type of vehicles requiring washing, the material to be washed and the degree of soiling taking place.  Other considerations including the available space and access to water and power were also discussed in order for Wheelwash to make the optimum recommendation.

Part of Wienerberger’s selection process included a visit to inspect an operational Wheelwash system.  UK Sales Manager, Alison Galley accompanied Mark to Measham Brickworks to view the newly installed Ecowash Extreme.  This project was selected due to the site material and washing principles being similar in both locations.  Both systems have inverter-driven pumps that provide significant operational cost savings (approx. 50%) as well as the flexibility to turn the wash pressure down when weather conditions allow.  The fact that the system recycles 95% of the water used in wash cycle supports Wienerberger’s company-wide objective to minimise the use of water on their sites. The Rhino Ecowash Extra has the additional benefits of delivering a high pressure, targeted spray that thoroughly cleans the tyres, wheels, wheel arches and undercarriage of vehicles large and small.  This is important to ensure effective muck removal and therefore comply with legal requirements.  The surface-mounted system ensures no civil engineering is required, with the exception in this instance, of the removal of a small area of curbing so that the wheel wash fitted exactly where the customer required it to be.