Wheelwash supplies effective solution to Abbotsfield School in Uxbridge

Wheelwash recently added a new Rhino Ecowash Excel to our hire fleet in order to service a rental contract for Bowmer & Kirkland, who are constructing a new school in Hillingdon, Uxbridge.  

The site had previously been renting a competitor’s dry ramp system in order to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible.  Unfortunately, due to the material on site and its sensitive location, right in the centre of a suburban, residential estate, it was necessary to employ 2 jet washers and a road sweeper to keep the roads clean.  

Site personnel realised something more effective was necessary that would not only have improved cleaning ability, but would take less time than the existing arrangements which were causing queues at the exit to the site.

Bowmer and Kirkland called Wheelwash for advice.  Following a site visit by UK Sales Manager, Alison Galley, it was agreed that the Rhino Ecowash Excel was the optimum wheel wash for the project. 

It is an automatically operated  surface-mounted system, comprising 3m long ramps, a 6m long wash platform, fitted with 10 spray bars for maximum coverage of the wheel, wheel arch and chassis plus a water recycling tank of 15,000 litres capacity.  The system also benefits from a side sump allowing easy access for any on-site maintenance.  The modern pumps and controls are reliable and effective, ensuring that the wash and recovery cycles minimise water and power consumption.

Assistant Site Manager, Sam Green was very impressed with the performance of the Rhino Ecowash Excel, stating it was even more powerful than expected and the water recovery rate greater than suggested.