Hanson Brickworks: 12m Rhino Ecowash Extreme

In 2015 Wheelwash supplied Hanson Brickworks (part of the Heidelberg group) a bespoke 12m Ecowash Extreme wheel cleaning system for their plant in Measham, England.  As part of their concern for the local community and to avoid debris from leaving the plant, the company contacted Wheelwash in search of an effective and low maintenance solution.  After conducting an on-site survey and consulting with Engineering Manager, John McNiece , UK Sales Manager for Wheelwash, Alison Galley recommended a tailor made wash-to-waste 12m Extreme wheel cleaning system from our Rhino Ecowash range.  Since clay is the material to be washed from the site vehicle wheels, a 12m wash platform ensures 4 complete wheel revolutions through the targeted spray wash section.   The system specified also made use of the bountiful water supply in Hanson’s quarry which is pumped into a 20.000 litres header tank supplied by Wheelwash and located adjacent to the wash area.  This ensures there is a constant supply of water available on demand.  Although predominantly a surface-mounted system, Hanson performed some civil works in the form of a small external, concrete sump.  The waste water from the wash cycle flows by gravity into the sump before flowing back to the quarry’s water treatment facility.  This was an ideal solution whereby Hanson benefitted from integrating a 12m spray wash system supplied with a powerful 45kw inverter driven main wash pump into their facility without onerous site preparation or extensive on-going maintenance.