Earl's Court, London - Ecowash Extra

After successfully hiring numerous wheel washing systems to engineering and construction specialists Keltbray, Wheelwash was contacted in October 2015 to supply an effective spray wash system for the high profile Earl’s Court development project in London. 

The project involves the demolition of the iconic Earl’s Court exhibition and entertainment venue, which is being transformed into four new urban villages and a High Street.  The villages will include around 7,500 new homes, new work spaces and offices.  Due to the estimated traffic volumes involved, UK Sales Manager Alison Galley specified a standard 6m Ecowash Extra due to it’s powerful, targeted spray and effective water recycling system.  The wash is expected to be in operation in this location for over 10 years.  

As part of the Wheelwash sales process, an engineering site visit ensued in January 2016 to ensure the original specification was still valid.  It became immediately apparent that there were now space limitations due to works that had taken place in the intervening period.  The chosen location now had a reduced width of only 5.75m in which to fit a wash platform and associated recycling tanks between a newly constructed central reservation and the existing Network Rail fence.  The site also had a cross fall of 1:40, which required addressing as the wheel washing equipment requires a flat, level surface.

The Wheelwash design team was able to take the necessary dimensions and modify the standard Ecowash Extra design to fit into the available space.  This required a re-design of the external sump, making it longer and narrower and building a longer and taller water recycling tank ensured the settlement capacity and performance of the system were not compromised.

Whilst the equipment was being manufactured in Wheelwash’s factory in Crewe, Keltbray laid a concrete pad for the wash platform and tanks to eradicate the cross fall and added concrete ramps to lead to and from the wash.The system was successfully delivered on a hiab and installed within a day.