Wheelwash launches the best solution to wash dirty site boots

The Bootwash from Wheelwash is a durable and portable boot washing station suitable for use on sites where dirty foot traffic causes a hygiene or health and safety problem.  The unit can be positioned on any flat, level surface and being approximately 15kg in weight, can be easily lifted and re-located.

The Bootwash comprises an outer casing with integrated handles for comfort and ease of use.  It is moulded from high quality, hard-wearing polyurethane and contains 3 static brushes in the base and one hand held, moveable brush for more localised, manual cleaning.  The unit works best when connected to a water feed via the ¼” connector.  Clean water is delivered to the static brushes via stainless steel pipework that is located inside the unit.  The dirty water and run off collects in the tray beneath.  There is a 1 1/2 inch dirty water outlet located on the side which can be capped off to contain the dirty water for discharge when convenient.

Water can be delivered to all brushes simultaneously, or can supply either the static brushes or the manual one independently.  You can expect a drop in the water pressure if you choose the water to be delivered to all brushes at once.

To operate the Bootwash, simply turn on the water supply to the unit and place your dirty boot in the brush area.  Ensure the valve to the base water main is open.  Move your foot backwards and forwards to dislodge the muck.  Switch off the water supply to the static brushes and turn on the supply to the manual brush to target any remaining dirt or debris.  When both boots are clean, ensure the main water supply is turned off to conserve water.

The Bootwash from Wheelwash is a simple and effective way to clean dirty site boots.